White spots on teeth

The first time you notice strange streaks of white that appear opaque on the surface of your teeth is not something that can be overlooked. These white spots appear unappealing to the eyes. But, they may be a cause for concern. White spots on the surface on your teeth generally caused by the loss of minerals in the tooth’s enamel.

It’s not uncommon to observe white spots appear in the teeth’s surface after having completed a home whitening treatment. Learn more about the causes why the white spots may appear on your teeth and the ways you can prevent the spots from recurring.

White Stains After Whitening Treatments

Spots of white appearing on the surface of your teeth after the procedure to lighten your teeth may result from hypocalcification. The whitening process doesn’t create streaks of white to appear on your teeth. However, treatments to whiten your teeth may cause spots to be more noticeable. Hypocalcification is the loss of calcium in the tooth enamel , which results in spots of discoloration. The spots may be the result of exposure to fluoride over a long period of time or eating a diet high in acid or sugars or large accumulation of plaque. These spots could appear when orthodontic brackets and bands were removed. Eliminating the spots is a challenge due to certain procedures for tooth whitening can cause the areas that are hypocalcified to appear brighter than other teeth.

Other Common Causes of White Spots

Poor Oral Hygiene

The extremely acidic environment is perfect for the growth of bacteria that cause cavities. Unclean brushing and flossing practices permit harmful bacteria to flourish and thrive in your mouth. Braces, dental appliances as well as other oral appliances can make it more difficult for you to complete a thorough cleaning in your routine of dental hygiene. It is vital to maintain a consistent routine of brushing, particularly when wearing braces or going through orthodontic treatment. A lack of oral hygiene can permit bacteria to eat away vital elements from your tooth and result in small white spots. If they are not addressed these spots may turn into cavities that are full-on..

Dental Fluorosis

Dental fluorosis can result when your teeth are exposed to high quantities of fluoride. The most vulnerable to suffer from fluorosis is children as their bodies are less tolerant to the high levels of fluoride. It is crucial to monitor children when they clean their teeth because toothpaste that contains fluoride could cause harm when consumed in large quantities. The use of fluoride in proper amounts is crucial to ensure the dental health. However, it is essential to check with your child’s dentist when you have questions about whether or not your child is showing any signs of excess consumption of fluoride.

Illness or Medications

Certain medicines have been directly linked to the formation of streaks of lighter-colored spots which appear on the enamel of your teeth. Certain antibacterial medicines are not suitable to be used by children due to of this. Be sure to follow the directions that your doctor has given you and don’t divulge prescriptions to anyone else. If you see spots of white appear around the tooth’s surface due to specific medications, consult your dentist about the most effective ways to treat them.


It is possible that your genetics could play a significant role in determining whether you’re prone to develop white marks on your teeth. If you have white spots on your family tree, be careful to avoid them and be sure to discuss your family background the dentist.

Preventing Future Stains on Your Teeth

Maintaining your teeth’s shine white and healthy requires regular maintenance. The surface staining may be recurrent or difficult to get rid of at home. Dental professionals can help in suggesting any subsequent treatments that can benefit your smile and offer suggestions to prevent them from beginning. Regularly maintaining your oral hygiene regimen can go an extent to stop the staining of your tooth. The use of whitening toothpaste as along with brushing twice a daily and flossing every day will assist in getting rid of surface stained by stains. This will ensure that your teeth remain clear and sparkling.

In the event that you’ve seen white streaks on your teeth, contact Sydney Teeth Whitening to make an appointment to consult. We will help you identify the source of the white spots and develop an action plan to enhance your smile’s appearance and functionality.