What Is the Price of OUR DELUXE TRIPLE TREATMENT Teeth Whitening?

Don’t pay $600, not even $300

Dental Practices will tell you that:

According to a National Dental Fee Survey from 2017, a take-home whitening kit can cost up to $610 on average. Professional teeth whitening in the chair can cost up to $260 per tooth.”

So as you can see you are getting an absolute bargain with our price at $280

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Is Teeth Whitening a Good Investment?

If you’re deciding between an in-chair professional whitening treatment and an over-the-counter solution, in-chair whitening is well worth the money.
With proper cleanliness and skilled care, your teeth should last the rest of your life. Saving a few dollars now by skipping a whitening procedure could have long-term implications.
Remember that whitening treatments containing 6% or more hydrogen peroxide will give you a much whiter brighter teeth whitening result, so if the over-the-counter solution you intend to use has a lesser concentration, you might not obtain the desired results.

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